Must-Have Products This Summer

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    The summer is back and with it, a huge array of so-called ‘must-have’ technologies.

    For us tech heads, every year is the same, seemingly endless lists of essential summer gadgets in-which, to the untrained eye, seem somewhat enchanting.

    But be warned, although the market is graced with some amazing products, it is also bombarded with a significant amount of terrible technologies.

    We are here simply to save you and your wallet by pushing in the direction of what we believe to be the most valuable ‘must-have’ products.

    One product we feel strongly about this year is the Sensibo Sky.

    This amazing piece of tech allows the user easy control over their air conditioner from any place at any time from their smart phone.

    Maximizing comfort and saving energy.

    Perfect for those way-too warm days at work when all you can think about is a cool refreshing home to return to.

    Simply adjust the aircon to suit from the comfort of your desk.

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