Baby Play And Learn Toilet Training, Fun Feed Baby Panda - Educational Game For Children

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    "Toilet Training" app teaches potty training in a clear and fun way.

    It is designed for children aged under 3 and shows real life situations through cute graphics and sounds.

    It will guide your children towards developing a habit of properly going to the toilet.

    Become a good eater! Join the fun with the little panda and eat veggies, prawns,meat and all kind of food!

    Fun features:
    - Audio instructions: friendly and to-the-point instructions facilitate learning and make the process more fun.

    - Interactive design: aimed at satisfying kids’curiosity.
    - Simple and child-friendly gameplay.

    - Didactic game concept: It instils positive habits and teaches correct behavior so parents don’t have to worry about the little ones not using the toilet properly.

    Fun features:
    - Personify veggies, staple food and meat as cute friends! Play with our panda!
    - Lots of silly games and interactive scenes to play with veggies! End picky eating!
    - Make all kinds of nutritions visible and fun! Help the cute panda.

    Healthy Eater is a wonderful game free for kids! Plenty of veggies, prawns and healthy food! Let children play for free while they learn about healthy food! Outsmart their picky habits with Babybus for free! Enjoy with Kiki, our panda, this cute adventure!


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